Find out more about All Heart Inc. We heart us!


Welcome to All Heart Inc.! We are so glad you’re here! We are passionate about helping communities unite and come together through local events and community lead initiatives. We believe communities are stronger when they are united and are working towards a common goal of improving their communities together. When people come together, conversations emerge that create opportunities that empower positive change.

We know all communities are unique in their own special way and we are ready to partner and walk beside our partnering cities in planning events and creating initiatives that will serve their communities best. We are committed to helping launch your community’s All Heart Inc. nonprofit and can’t wait to watch your city embrace all that All Heart Inc. has to offer.


We believe we are better together.


After I Heart Bryan (now All Heart Inc.) hosted its very FIRST event, there was clear evidence that the work we were doing needed to be shared with the world. We love Bryan, TX and saw that when we united as a community, we were stronger together. With the power of social media, we were able to reach a larger audience outside of Bryan, and other cities noticed. We were getting calls and emails asking how they could replicate what we were doing and asked if we’d be willing to help. All Heart Inc. was created to partner with other cities who are interested in bringing positive change to their communities. 

Who we are

All Heart Inc. is a nonprofit organization that is helping  communities launch their local nonprofit organization focused on unifying communities through local events and initiatives. We believe we are stronger together! When we gather as a community, conversations start, new ideas form and together we create positive change. We are looking for people who love their community and want to make a difference in the town they call home.

Our Values

Inclusiveness is at the heart of All Heart Inc. Everyone is welcome. Always. 

We lead with love and kindness in all that we do. 

We believe everyone can win.

Board of Directors

Chief Executive Officer: Fabi Payton

Chief Operating Officer: Amelia McCracken

Chief Financial Officer: Mekail Faquir

Secretary: Naomi Faquir

Executive Lead of Project Management: Jordan Knight

Board Members: Ronald Surette, Tonya Hughes, Jai Girard, and Mike Espitia