All Heart Inc. Launches New Podcast

All Heart Inc. is excited to announce their new Podcast focusing on mental health. All Heart Founder and CEO, Fabi Payton and Christopher Burgess are engaging in meaningful discussions about the current mental health crisis many people are facing and focusing specifically on how this crisis is affecting men of color. The pilot episode asks the simple question, what is mental health? Fabi and Christopher will cover topics including trauma, depression, self-love, anxiety, suicide, and more.

Fabi will share her struggles with mental health and how she was able to find the help she needed and continues to walk her journey. Christopher’s personal journey with mental health has led him to become a certified mental health counselor. He’s eager to share the knowledge he’s gained and passionate about helping his community members who are struggling with mental health. 

They are looking forward to speaking with the brave men who are willing to share their mental health journey and story. Bringing awareness to mental health is so important. Fabi and Christopher are hoping that this podcast will be a tool that can assist someone struggling with mental health, but doesn’t know how to ask for help. Each episode will shine light on the resources that are available to help if you are struggling silently. They are ready to break the negative stigma that surrounds men’s mental health. 

Find the new podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, iHeartRadio, Amazon and other podcast streaming apps.