I Heart Bryan Come Together Pride Prom – May 2023

“Sometimes miracles are just good people with kind hearts.” -unknown


That’s why  Kimberlin and Eva lead Come Together. We are all capable of being that kind person, and because, we hope we can be that miracle; even if it’s just for one person, one family, one community. 


Representation in communities is important. Allyship in communities is necessary. We (the lgbtqia+ members) are normal people. We have families, careers, own businesses and homes, pay taxes, etc. We want people to know that we’re really no different than our neighbors and fellow community members.We are firm believers that through community outreach and sharing experiences we can bridge gaps. A very important part of our community will always be our children.

In May we hosted the second annual Pride prom. With the help of so many gracious donors in our community, we were able to celebrate about 40 lgbtqia+ kids at Astin Mansion. It was beautiful to witness these teens, some complete strangers show up, connect and support one another. Their kindness spread like wildfire and really gave the volunteers and chaperones so much hope for the future. The teens who attended Teen Pride Prom, were loved and supported and celebrated all night long and we can’t thank our sponsors enough for making this event happen. (Teens not pictured for privacy and safety). 

We held our second annual event at the GORGEOUS Astin Mansion. Christopher Dodgen, the venue’s manager showed his support by kindly donating the venue’s space and time. The Venue’s historic charm in downtown Bryan made for a special night. 

When our guests arrived, they had the opportunity to pick out corsages and boutonnieres which were beautifully crafted and donated by Paul and Scott at Nan’s Blossom Shop. The florals were gorgeous and complemented everyone’s prom attire. 

Terah Hallbrook, GM of Rosa’s made sure these teens were well fed and taken care of. They donated so much delicious food that we were able to send leftovers to the Bryan Police Department. After enjoying the Mexican feast, our guests (and chaperones) were invited to enjoy unlimited snow cones from JJ’s Snowcones. The treats continued throughout the night with Kettle Corn donated by Lucky Dog Kettle Corn. The Village and Art979 Gallery donated a beautiful charcuterie board. Everyone enjoyed Megan Wise’s Sweet Pea Confections Pride Cupcakes. Michelle Rougeau donated tons of 2 liters and ice. We even had a special mocktail for our teens to enjoy crafted by KinderHill Brew Lab. Ambrose Furniture Works sent pizza that was for the kids, but the chaperones also enjoyed it after setting up the event.

Daniel Martinez Alvarado, a current student at A&M, and freelance photographer, snapped pictures throughout the night. Bar Seven Media dj’ed and mc’d. Hocus Focus Photo Booth set up their pop up Photo Booth! Jamie Hardin Photography took professional pictures of couples, friends, chaperones; she captured everything and everyone so beautifully. 

We felt safe and supported by Stacey Sprangel, a personal friend and a Bryan Police Officer who stood guard during our event. Lastly, the chaperones and allies who showed up to help support in whatever ways we needed them to – Kourtney, Jordan, Sarah, Allison, Angela, Ronnie and UU Church. We are so thankful and owe the success of this event to the kindness and generosity that was shown to Come Together. Thank you!